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Services Tailored to Your Needs

Trustworthy accounting advice comes as the result of experience in a diverse range of business challenges and categories. The staff and accountants at Jerry McNair CPA offer a combination of first-hand knowledge, education and a host of long-term client relationships in providing their services. From tax preparation to payroll and bookkeeping, there's a comfort level in working with a firm that stands on high and honest ethical boundaries.

Tax Preparation 

Accurate and efficient tax preparation is our goal and our team has created a streamlined process that will save you money and time. With our secure portal to upload your documents, we’ll guide and direct your business to maximize the deductions, take advantage of credits and inform you of new tax laws for corporate and business taxes. We’ll also handle your personal taxes with caring and thought-driven advice and results, on deadline.


Bookkeeping & Payroll

Our professional team will enthusiastically orchestrate a seamless migration from your current accounting software to QuickBooks, bringing you consistent and accurate record-keeping and tracking. Our input staff will take hours off your workday. Our reports are detailed and we’ll stand by you for monthly overviews to help you understand where your company is heading into the next financial quarter and beyond.


Eliminate the time you spend on payroll and allow us to challenge the payroll tasks. With familiarity of tax laws and changes, we’ll manage your payroll with efficiency and knowledge. 


Business and Personal Financial Planning

Strategizing for your company's growth is achieved by understanding your needs. Our team will conduct a comprehensive financial analysis and formulate strategies to help optimize your business performance. This can include budgeting, forecasting and financial statement assessments to assist in reaching your goals and maximizing your profits.


We also focus on individual tax planning in order to minimize taxes and provide solutions to any personal financial issues. 

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