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Client Reviews

“Rose is professional, personable and always available to answer any questions we have, whether it be for simple accounting entries or full-blown strategies for our businesses as they have continued to grow.”

                                                                          — SUE B.

“Jerry has spent a lot of time helping me learn what I can, can’t, could, and shouldn’t do. I highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for an accountant!”

                                                                          — KELLI P.

“Excellent service from beginning to end. Highly recommend!”

                                                                        — ANITA

"With a certified CPA firm, I have peace of mind that my business has the best financial manager in the market.”
                                                                            — BILL
"My company has used the McNair accounting firm for 19 years. During this time they have assisted in a variety of tax issues and helped me navigate successfully through the corporate tax maze."
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