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Come work with us

Join our team of extraordinary professionals who are devoted, passionate and skilled in achieving a balance between productivity and living the good life with ample time and a rich environment to enjoy every day, even after the workday ends.


Why Savannah?


Based on Wilmington Island where the small-town feel is engulfed in moss-draped oaks and winding salt creeks filled with wildlife, the office is also just 10 minutes from the largest landmarked historic district in the nation. World-class restaurants, live and cultural entertainment, a bustling riverfront and streets charmed by homes designed by architectural masters, embrace the islands’ lifestyle with plenty to do in your personal and family time.

While the office is nestled among the tall pines and winding marshes of Wilmington Island, employees are offered the best of both worlds, without the traffic and headaches of the big-city lifestyle. In Savannah, there’s a slower pace and guess what? There’s also a grand beach that invites the waves of the Atlantic to wet your feet while offering a picturesque place to ride your bike, splash in the sea, or just hang out with the locals.

At Jerry McNair CPA, we’ll help you form long-term business relationships to help carry companies into the next stages of financial success while you partake of the many amenities of living on the Southern coastline. 

“Working and living in Savannah is like being on vacation. I work with a pleasant, happy and relaxed staff in an amazing and peaceful environment.”

                   — JM employee

“I couldn’t ask for a better work place! Our beautiful and bright office spaces open to a natural canopy of trees. Inside, there are smiling faces and a fast-paced, efficient, vibe from my colleagues. We relocated here two years ago and my family loves it!                                           — JM employee

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